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About Us


For more than 50 years, Harbor High has provided​ a welcoming, enriching and dynamic pathway to college & career success for the students of Midtown Santa Cruz.

Sitting on a hillside on the border of Santa Cruz and Live Oak across from Arana Gulch, Harbor High serves students across mid-county, collaborating with a diverse section of the community in supporting students to reach their highest potential.

Known for a rigorous and prestigious academic program, Harbor High is an International Baccalaureate school—along with 4,400 schools across the world providing an advanced college prep recognized by universities across the globe. Our Advanced Placement program has included courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, English, Spanish, U.S. History, European History and Calculus.

Our extensive Career Technical Education (CTE) program—combining courses on our campus with courses across the district to which all of our students have access—includes courses in Agricultural Science, Auto Technology, Bicycle Technologies, Biotechnology, Building Green, Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Construction Technology, Criminal Justice, Digital Photography, Engine Repair, Floral Design, Health Careers, Manufacturing Technology, Medical Technology, Mill Cabinetry, Multimedia Sports Medicine, Video Production, Web Design, Welding Technology, and Yearbook.

Harbor High also offers a variety of Arts courses to provide enrichment, problem solving, development and expression for our students. Pirates can take courses in instrumental and vocal music, ceramics, drama, painting, and photography.  In addition, Harbor provides many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students in sports, music, student government, and a variety of school clubs. Nearby Cabrillo College offers a high-quality, affordable program and flexible concurrent enrollment for all Harbor students.

Mission Statement: Harbor works to educate all students to become critical thinkers & globally-minded community members.

Vision Statement: Where adults and students are respectful and own their learning. Harbor High graduates are college and career ready and equipped with the skills needed to become the best version of themselves.

Staff Values

  • We believe in our school.

  • We know all students can learn.

  • We respect and believe in students.

  • We use data and research to design and improve curriculum.

  • We have clear and consistent student expectations.

  • We are kind, caring, and accessible.

  • We have high expectations and clearly-communicate success criteria.

  • We collaborate for students.

  • We are flexible and adaptable.

  • We make student-centered decisions.

  • We grow professionally to meet student needs.

  • We listen and engage with each other professionally,  respectfully and openly.

  • We are responsive and supportive.

  • We value and communicate with our stakeholders.


Student Learning Outcomes: What students will be able to know, do or demonstrate when they have completed Harbor High School:



  • Collaborate in groups

  • Use technology thoughtfully and effectively

  • Express ideas and understanding through writing, speaking, presenting and listening



  • Set goals, plan and anticipate

  • Access resources

  • Persist through personal obstacles

  • Embrace academic challenges


  • Apply prior knowledge

  • Solve complex problems

  • Experiment and create

  • Evaluate multiple perspectives and sources of information


  • Actively engage in and add to the school and larger community

  • Welcome and include everyone

  • Respect self and others

Student Learning Outcomes
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