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Harbor Students 


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5/20 Last What’s on Deck of the Year!

5/20 Last What’s on Deck of the Year!

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High school is more than just a time to build your path to college or career. It's a place and time where students have the resources and opportunity to try out avenues and experiences.

Want to learn more? Hear from Students themselves:

Sports do more than teach coordination and hone skill. Have a look at what Harbor High Athletes learn that goes far beyond the court, field or pool.

Art blends complex problem solving and self-expression. Walk through a recent Harbor High Art Show & see how students develop as communicators and thinkers

Learning real-world skills is as good for college as it is for career success. See how Career Technical Education enriches student experience & opens options.

The move from Middle to High is a big change. We like to give Incoming 9th Graders a Tour to let them get an idea fo what campus life will be after 8th Grade.

High School is a place to find and build community. Listen to our Champion Soccer Team say what they have found playing together for Harbor High.

High School is also a place to develop leadership and communication skills. See how Peer Tutors, at Harbor and across the district, learn by teaching.

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