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College Prep

With the exception of some specific academic support programs, all classes at Harbor High are college prep. It's our goal to empower all students with a power to college or career success. Here you will find information about college entrance requirements, information about application and how to aim your academic career toward further success after graduation.


A-G College Requirements

In order to be eligible to attend any school in the University of California (UC) or the California State University (CSU) and other public and private four year colleges and universities systems as a freshman, you must take certain classes in high school. These classes are known as the "A-G Subjects". 

1. ​History/Social Science - 2 years required: One year of U.S. History or ½ year of U.S. History and ½ year of civics or American Government. CSU requires one additional year of Social Science. UC requires one year of world history, cultures, and geography.


2. ​​English - 4 years required: Four years of college preparatory English


3. Mathematics - 3 years required, 4 years recommended: Classes must include the topics of algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra. Approved integrated math courses can also fulfill this requirement.​


4. Laboratory Science - 2 years required, 3 years recommended: CSU requires one biological and one physical. UC requires classes in at least two of the following areas: biology, chemistry, and physics.


5. Language Other Than English (Foreign Language) - 2 years required, 3 years recommended: At least two years of the same language.


6. Visual & Performing Arts - 1 year required: One year-long course in dance, drama/theatre, music, or visual art.

7. College Preparatory Electives - 1 year required: One additional year in any of the above A-F areas or other approved elective.

You must get a "C" or better in each of these classes. Additionally, current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will need to complete eleven of the fifteen a-g requirements by the end of their junior years. Visit the University of California and CSU websites for specific requirements, classes that satisfy each area, and more information. Many private colleges and universities require similar high school classes, but be sure to check out these schools' websites for specific information. You'll want to work with your Guidance Counselor to make sure you're signing up for the right classes and that you're on track to complete all A-G requirements by the time you graduate from high school.  For more information, see the link

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